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The car logo projector is an automotive equipment that uses LED projectors or LEDs to project the car brand logo onto the ground. It uses a bright beam of light to create this distinctive visual effect. This accessory is very popular among car owners who want to personalize their vehicle or make it easier to locate in a crowded parking lot.

The car logo projector is easy to install and use. It is usually powered by the car's ignition system, allowing it to operate for long periods without the need for external power sources, though it can also function with batteries. Car logo projectors use LEDs due to their high brightness, long lifespan, and waterproofing. Some models may also be equipped with projectors for optimal image quality.

This device is typically mounted on the car's body, such as the lower part of the doors or the exterior side mirror. It is equipped with a fan and cooling system to prevent overheating and ensure long-term stable operation. The brightness of the car logo projector can vary depending on the model, ranging from a few lumens to several hundred lumens. Some models even offer a flashing function to add a touch of originality.


There is a wide range of car logo projectors available, suitable for different car brands such as Mercedes, Ford, Volvo, Alfa, Dacia, etc. This means that you can find logo projectors specific to your favorite car brand. When purchasing a car logo projector, it is recommended to choose high-quality automotive parts, whether they are aftermarket or original, such as oil filters, brakes, shock absorbers, belts, etc., to ensure proper functioning and optimal use.

You can find these automotive parts at specialized stores or online, where you can benefit from discounted prices and fast delivery. In summary, a car logo projector is an automotive equipment that uses LEDs to project the car brand's logo onto the ground. It is easy to install and use, and offers a wide variety of available logos for different car brands. It is important to choose high-quality automotive parts to ensure proper functioning and optimal use of the car logo projector.

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