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A valve cap is a small plastic or metal device that fits into the bottom of a tire to hold it in place and prevent air from escaping. It is generally designed to be used with a standard tire valve, although there are specific valve caps for tubeless tires or for other types of valves. They are available in a variety of colors and materials to match the tire rim and valve.





Our chrome valve caps are designed to provide excellent weather and wear resistance. They are strong and durable and are designed to maintain constant pressure in your tyres, allowing you to brake faster and more effectively. Chrome valve caps are designed to fit all rims and wheels and are easy to install. They are also designed to be corrosion and chemical resistant. They are also designed to provide optimal sealing to ensure that your tires maintain their pressure. Our chrome valve caps are the strongest and most durable valve caps on the market and are perfect for your vehicle.





Discover in our spare parts shop our sports aluminum valve caps for car wheels

Our sport aluminum valve caps are made to resist wear and are designed to fit most car wheels. These valve caps are made of high quality cast aluminum and are available in a variety of bright colors to add a sporty touch to your vehicle. These caps have a rubber gasket for a better seal and a key for easy removal and replacement. We also provide high quality rubber valve caps, which are perfect for car wheels that require longer lasting and more wear resistant caps.

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