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CATL encourage à considérer l'achat d'une voiture électrique en raison de la nouvelle batterie offrant une autonomie supérieure à celle d'une voiture à essence.

CATL encourages considering the purchase of an electric car due to the new battery offering greater range than a gas-powered car.

The Chinese company CATL , which dominates the global market for batteries for electric cars, has started mass production of the third generation of its flagship battery: the Qilin battery ...Read more
La Chevrolet Camaro, qui nous quitte également, ne sera plus produite et il n'y a pas d'indication qu'elle sera remplacée.

The Chevrolet Camaro, which is also leaving us, will no longer be produced and there is no indication that it will be replaced.

It's time to say goodbye to another automotive icon as production of the Chevrolet Camaro will end in less than a year. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no confirmed ...Read more
Hyundai et Kia sont obligés de mettre à jour des millions de voitures suite à un défi TikTok qui a entraîné le vol de milliers de véhicules et la mort de huit personnes.

Hyundai and Kia are forced to update millions of cars following a TikTok challenge that resulted in the theft of thousands of vehicles and the deaths of eight people.

Last summer, members of the group dubbed the Kia Boyz came up with the idea of ​​making it easy to steal basic Hyundai and Kia cars that open with a ...Read more
Un matériau créé en laboratoire initialement destiné à recouvrir les voitures de course est maintenant utilisé dans des domaines tels que la mode, l'architecture et même la sculpture

A lab-created material originally intended to coat racing cars is now being used in areas such as fashion, architecture and even sculpture

If you have a passion for cars, especially high-end sports cars, you may be aware that these vehicles are often fitted with a material called Alcantara. It is a soft, ...Read more
Selon le designer en chef de Hyundai, il est également d'accord avec vous sur le fait que leurs voitures maintiendront les boutons, car les écrans peuvent être plus risqués.

According to Hyundai's chief designer, he also agrees with you that their cars will keep the buttons on because the screens can be riskier.

In general, modern cars tend to reduce the number of physical buttons in the cabin, in favor of a more streamlined design with a strong presence of screens. However, there ...Read more

In the past, the electric car was considered expensive and this was put down to lithium. Although its price has since come down, there are still no affordable electric cars on the market.

Higher margins for manufacturers versus lower end prices In comparison to the year 2020, when the price of lithium reached a significant turning point of $5,600 per ton, currently white ...Read more
Peugeot 9x8 : Des débuts décevants dans la course à l'endurance

Peugeot 9x8: A disappointing start in the endurance race

The 2023 Sebring 1000 mile race has been one of the most anticipated events of the year for racing enthusiasts. This competition marked the beginning of a new era in ...Read more
The Red Bull is %22the fastest car that has ever been in Formula 1%22, according to Lewis Hamilton. And maybe he's right

The Red Bull is "the fastest car that has ever been in Formula 1", according to Lewis Hamilton. And maybe he's right

Red Bull has started the 2023 season in an unbeatable way. With two doubles in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia , Max Verstappen leads the world championship with just one point ...Read more
La Norvège s'est engagée à décarboner la mobilité à tout prix. Sa dernière arme est une piste cyclable souterraine de 3 km

Norway is committed to decarbonizing mobility at all costs. His latest weapon is a 3 km underground cycle path

Redesigning mobility in cities to provide safe spaces for cyclists and pedestrians while reducing the amount of road traffic is a major challenge. Most municipalities opt for cycle paths that ...Read more
Tesla poursuivie pour violation des lois antitrust dans la réparation de voitures électriques

Tesla sued for violating antitrust laws in the repair of electric cars

Tesla users often complain about the quality of their after-sales service. Recently, the company was accused of charging over $100 for a factory defect repair, which angered many US owners. ...Read more
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