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Essai du Nissan Juke Hybrid : Une légère retouche pour le SUV urbain

Essai Nissan Juke Hybrid : Découvrez la Fraîcheur Urbaine du SUV Remodelé

Lancé en 2019, le Nissan Juke bénéficie d'un petit lifting pour reprendre le flambeau de la première génération avec plus de fraîcheur. Évolutions à l'intérieur Nissan a été l'un des ...Read more

Harmonious coexistence: electric Taycan and Panamera by Porsche

Durability of the Taycan name Porsche plans to keep the Taycan name in its product lineup in the long term, even associating it with the upcoming electric Panamera. Sustainable future ...Read more

Mini Electric Countryman: Ecological Elegance at €44K

Launch of the new electric generation The new generation of the Mini Countryman, initially offered with gasoline engines, is now available in an electric version. The latter is available in ...Read more

Ram Revolution: The New Ramcharger Electric Pick-Up With V6 Gasoline

Ram presents an electrified version of its flagship pickup, the Ram 1500, accompanied by an update and a new range of engines. The most notable new product is the Ramcharger, ...Read more

The 15 Most Anticipated New Electric Cars in 2024

Alfa Romeo Rechargeable Urban SUV Alfa Romeo, planning to become an exclusively electric brand by 2027, is moving into the electric vehicle segment with the 2024 launch of its first-ever ...Read more

Nissan unveils the Hyper Tourer concept: the comeback of electric minivans

Nissan, like Volvo and Lexus, is embracing the electric minivan trend by unveiling its Hyper Tourer concept. This cutting-edge Japanese model embodies premium mobility and highlights that electric minivans are ...Read more

Audi RS e-tron GT: A Limited Series in Honor of 40 Years of Audi Sport

Audi is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its subsidiary "Audi Sport GmbH", formerly known as "quattro GmbH" in 1983. To mark this special occasion, Audi Sport is unveiling an extremely ...Read more
Audi Q6 e-tron

Audi Reveals Innovative Interior of Q6 e-tron Electric SUV at IAA Munich 2023

A Revolutionary Approach for a Clean Vehicle During the presentation at the Munich Motor Show, Audi surprised by only unveiling a camouflaged version of the Q6 e-tron, its brand new ...Read more

Lotus Emeya: The Transition to a Clean and Ecological Electric Sedan

In the ever-changing landscape of the automotive sector, Lotus, under the able leadership of Geely, is unveiling ambitious new plans to expand its range and move away from its “brand ...Read more

Importance of Tilt Cast Rims in Optimizing Road Holding

Tilt Cast rims , an innovation in the field of alloy rim manufacturing , provide increased strength and noticeable lightness compared to conventional cast iron rims. This special molding method, ...Read more

Mullen Five RS: Imminent Capabilities of Its 1,115hp as a Rechargeable and Clean Zero-Emission Electric Vehicle

Introduction to the Mullen Five RS Project as a Rechargeable and Clean Zero-Emission Electric Vehicle Despite the challenges it faces, the Mullen brand is about to unveil a promising project: ...Read more

Fisker Alaska: The Electric Pickup Challenging the Ford Ranger in an Era of Clean Mobility

Fisker, the automaker, recently unveiled exciting new images and information about its upcoming electric pickup truck, slated for launch in 2025. This Clean Vehicle represents Fisker's commitment to cleaner, more ...Read more
ciment et le noir de carbone

Breakthrough Discovery: Transforming the Urban Element into Batteries for Renewable Energies

The Innovative Conversion of the Urban Element into Renewable Energy Sources Amid the vast landscape of scientific advancements, one major breakthrough stands out: MIT reveals a promising methodology for turning ...Read more

Cadillac Escalade IQ Electric Transition: A New Era for All-Electric Vehicles

New Era for Escalade: Going All-Electric The iconic Cadillac automotive brand , long associated with powerful internal combustion engines, takes a major step forward with its flagship model, the Escalade ...Read more

Test – Mercedes EQE SUV 350 4MATIC AMG Line: The Price of Silence

In this test, we will explore in detail the Mercedes EQE SUV 350 4MATIC AMG Line, a compact sedan that offers a quiet and luxurious driving experience. Compared to its ...Read more

Audi RS6: A Zero-Emission Family Sports Car Arrives in 2025

Audi's Electric Transition and the Elimination of CO2 Emissions Audi, a leader among automakers, is delivering on its commitment to electric mobility and eliminating CO2 emissions. The many rumors circulating ...Read more

Japan stops supplying electric vehicles to Russia due to Ukraine invasion sanctions

The Japanese government introduces new sanctions against Russia, approved by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. From August 9, 2023, Tokyo will no longer deliver electric vehicles to Russia. Wave of sanctions ...Read more

Volkswagen ID.4: All-electric electric vehicle model sets zero-emissions record on green trip across Canada

Volkswagen ID.4: The plug-in electric vehicle model of the challenge A Canadian crew took up the challenge of traveling across Canada using as few charging stations as possible, and for ...Read more

Electric project AIM Sport EV 01: A possible manufacture in England

Designer Shiro Nakamura imagines an electric sports coupe Shiro Nakamura, famous for being the father of the Nissan GT-R and now retired, has designed an attractive electric sports coupe called ...Read more
Toyota GR 86

At Toyota: the future of electrified GR sports cars and engine advances

Towards a hybrid transition in 2025? According to information from Autocar, Toyota could replace the GR86 with a hybrid model in 2025. So far, although Toyota is a leader in ...Read more

Electric Zoé: Worrying decline in sales

Decline of the queen of electric and hybrid vehicles There was a time when the Renault Zoé, an electric car, reigned supreme in the market for electric and hybrid vehicles. ...Read more
1366_2000 - 2023-08-02T001749.071

Mazda ends MX-30 agony in the US, ceases sales

The Mazda MX-30, the Japanese manufacturer's first electric car, went on sale in mid-2021 in the United States, but only in California. It was the Japanese brand's first electric bet, ...Read more

Electric GTI: the green future of sports cars!

Towards the end of the GTX badge for sporty electric models Volkswagen, in making its transition to electrification, does not intend to leave sports cars aside. Thus, the models of ...Read more

Google Maps: Reduce 1M tonnes of CO2 thanks to eco-routes

Introduction of eco-routes functionality by Google Maps Google has taken steps to help make travel more environmentally friendly. The Google Maps application has thus integrated the functionality of eco-routes in ...Read more

Cupra DarkRebel: The Future of the Electric Car!

DarkRebel Concept Setup Phase Ends Electric vehicle manufacturer Cupra has taken a crucial step in bringing its electric car concept, the DarkRebel, to fruition. The manufacturer has successfully completed the ...Read more
La Chevrolet Bolt EUV

Chevrolet Bolt Electric: New Generation Eco-Responsible Vehicles

General Motors CEO Mary Barra formalizes a sequel for the electric Bolt During the announcement of the latest quarterly results, Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, one of the major ...Read more

Tesla Model Y Promos: Attractive Prices for Electric Vehicles!

Model Ys at €38,230 thanks to the ecological bonus and a big promotion! Since the beginning of the year, Tesla, one of the leading car manufacturers in the electric car ...Read more

Tesla Scandal: False Autonomy - Shock Revelations!

False autonomy of Tesla electric vehicles ten years ago A source close to Tesla reveals two fraudulent practices within the American firm, dating back ten years. The first concerns the ...Read more

BYD Song L: The New Chinese All-Electric Crossover

BYD, one of China's leading car manufacturers, unveils its latest all-electric crossover model: the BYD Song L. Initially presented in "concept" form at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, this ...Read more

Nissan reaches one million electric vehicles sold

Nissan, one of the major car manufacturers, reached a significant milestone by selling more than one million electric vehicles, twelve years after the launch of the Leaf. The Nissan Leaf, ...Read more

The Electric Revolution: Seven Automakers Unite to Challenge Tesla with a Massive Charging Network

Seven giants of the automotive industry have decided to create an exceptionally large joint venture with the aim of developing an electric charging network in North America, thus rivaling Tesla's ...Read more

Afeela: Sony and Honda electric vehicles equipped with Qualcomm chips

The birth of Afeela: Fruit of the Sony and Honda collaboration Sony and Honda have jointly brought to life Afeela, a brand of highly technological all-electric electric vehicles. According to ...Read more

Citroën: Discover an exclusive preview of the future fully electric vehicle, the low-cost electric C3

Citroën is preparing a revolution with the next generation of the C3, which will be offered in a 100% electric version. The new ë-C3, expected for 2024, promises to be ...Read more

Kia Sorento: Restyling for the Seven-Seater Hybrid SUV

The Kia Sorento, a seven-seater hybrid SUV launched in 2020, is already benefiting from a restyling to breathe new life into its fourth generation. This large SUV, designed for the ...Read more

Lexus TZ: A Future Electric SUV with 7 Seats

Lexus, one of the leading car manufacturers, continues its expansion in the field of electric vehicles, with the next 7-seater plug-in SUV: the Lexus TZ. Advanced Electric Motorization This model ...Read more

Audi partners with SAIC Motor to accelerate electrification, plug-in hybrid cars and electric vehicles in China

The search for new Chinese technologies for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and city cars Audi, in search of new technological advances for its electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, electric motors and ...Read more

Skoda Enyaq 80: Significant price drop for a range of 540 km and eligibility for the ecological bonus

Skoda is heading towards accessibility to the ecological bonus of €5,000 by reducing the price of Enyaq equipped with the large battery. The economic version Enyaq 50 at 34,990 € ...Read more

The Electric Future: Cadillac Optiq, High-End SUV

Cadillac continues its commitment to electrifying its lineup by unveiling the all-new Cadillac Optiq, a highly anticipated electric SUV. This model marks a crucial step for GM's premium brand, which ...Read more

Public charging: Strict new rules proposed by the English government

The English government is acting to accelerate the energy transition by imposing strict rules for public charging. After years of freedom without regulation, the authorities have decided to legislate the ...Read more

Audi: Next electric cars based on a Chinese platform from SAIC

SAIC's Chinese platform: An option for Audi's next electric cars Audi's next electric cars could be based on a Chinese platform provided by SAIC. Rumors have suggested this possibility and ...Read more

Tesla Unveils Production Cybertruck: Electric Revolution in Action!

Tesla unveils the first production Cybertruck The very first production Cybertruck has been produced, marking a milestone for Tesla. After sparking anticipation with 1.6 million pre-orders since its announcement in ...Read more

Intelligent charging planning: a new function for electric Kias!

Kia is offering a free software update allowing owners of electric Soul, Niro and EV6 to benefit from a very practical feature: a smart route planner for charging. This new ...Read more
36f944acfbe30c9b4040895d4619d4c2-1500x818.jpeg (1)

"Renault and Geely join forces to become world leaders in hybrid and internal combustion engines"

Renault and Geely have reached an agreement for a former new joint venture focused on thermal and hybrid engines, as well as on projects related to synthetic fuels and hydrogen. ...Read more

Test – Lotus Eletre S: A powerful competitor to the Tesla Model X

Lotus, now owned by Geely, is taking on the Tesla Model X with its new electric SUV, the Eletre S. With power ranging from 603 to 905 hp, this agile ...Read more

Price war in China: Volkswagen defies convention with the ID.3 at €16,000 !

The price war in China is experiencing a new twist with the announcement of Volkswagen. Despite the agreement between the manufacturers to end this war, the German manufacturer offers the ...Read more

China invests 66 billion euros to support the electric vehicle market

Clear ambitions for electric vehicles in China No more doubt about China's ambitions for electric vehicles. The government recently announced an investment of an additional 520 billion yen (66 billion ...Read more

Tesla uses humanoid robot Optimus to boost sales in China

Optimus, Tesla's latest asset to attract customers A year ago, Elon Musk unveiled Optimus, a revolutionary humanoid robot developed by Tesla. This concentration of expertise combines state-of-the-art software, a latest-generation ...Read more

In China, manufacturers have entered into an agreement to end competition based on price

16 Chinese automakers unite to end price war in electric car market Since January, the Chinese market has been under pressure, but an alliance of 16 manufacturers is ending the ...Read more

BYD Dolphin, an affordable Chinese electric car, is heading to Europe

The BYD Dolphin on its way to Europe: A first shipment shipped, deliveries expected for the start of the school year The BYD Dolphin is on its way to Europe, ...Read more

Nio makes a splash by opening an innovation center in Berlin!

Nio strengthens its presence in Europe with the opening of a new innovation center in Berlin Nio, the Chinese car manufacturer, continues its efforts to get closer to Europe. Its ...Read more
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